6 months goa the best

Generally, there are three seasons in Goa, namely: These seasons offer different activities and landscapes for travellers going to Goa. You have specifically stated your interests, which are swimming, water sports and enjoying the good weather. In a nutshell, the best season for you would be the winter season.

6 months goa the best

A warm sea and many hours of sunshine is perfect condition for spending long hours on the beach. But stay away from direct sunlight when the sun is the strongest.

There is a good chance that the cloud coverage will increase as the month progresses. In fact, the number of tourists begins to go down after the carnival in February. With fewer tourists, there is a sharp drop in the prices. Weather — March is certainly warmer than February. The evenings can be humid.

However, March is still more comfortable than April and May, the peak summer months in Goa. Better Services — All the beach shacks and important tourist attractions in Goa are open, even though March is not the peak season. The quality of service you will receive is much better as there are fewer guests.

You will get the personal attention you deserve. Few Parties — Many tourists come to Goa because of the parties.

6 months goa the best

March is not a typical party season. There are few parties around. Many of the ones still happening are private.

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So you will miss out on the parties if you come to Goa this month. Nicer and Quieter — March is not the party season in Goa. Those crazy about parties are all gone. You will love it if you prefer quiet and peace.

The travelers you will find are in Goa for the experience. There are still a few parties, mostly private, but they are very few in number.

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Beach Shacks — Not all beach shacks throughout Goa operate in March. In fact, many of them will shut down after the 20th. The ones in the main beaches of the North are likely to remain open. If you are staying in South Goa, check before you go. A Quick Holiday — There is a huge demand for the best villas in the peak season.

In March, you can plan a quick getaway and still book the villa you want. There is a much better chance that it is still available. Water Sports — There are plenty of water sports activities to choose from in Goa almost throughout the state.

But once again, after March 20th, many of them will stop operating. Scuba diving and snorkeling will be off if it rains or if there is a chance of thunderstorm. Traffic — Little traffic this month, so you can reach anywhere without delays.

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You will thus be able to cover more in a day.Visa Requirements As well as a full British passport valid for at least 6 months after the planned date of return from your holiday, all British citizens are required to have a visa when travelling to India.

Goa is a place with limitless chances to have fun and entertainment and the best things to do in Goa would enthrall every adventure lover. Though it is known as the land of beaches, tourists from all over the world find it as a great spot for indulgin.

Book Goa Hotels Book Goa Holiday Packages Mid-November to Mid-February: These are the best months to visit the party capital since the weather is pleasantly cool and comfortable. It’s the perfect time to relax on the beaches amidst other tourists who make the most of these three months in Goa.

Gokarna, south of Goa, is a holy Hindu town with a barely developed 6km beach and has far fewer backpackers than Goa and Kerala. Your life for the next six months. 6 months here in Goa are coming to an end; wow - the time was really flying! The season is ending also, many shops and restaurants shut down already, while the temperatures are rising every day.

The coming monsoon is showing its hot side. Everyone is waiting for the rain to . Waves, BITS Pilani Goa, Goa, India.

64K likes. Annual cultural festival of BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus. They had promised the prizes to be delivered by the end of the month but it's been more than 6 month One of the best fests out there! September We have been deceived by the organizers of Sea Rock.

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