A state forest essay

Short essay on the Importance of Forests K. Forests are precious national resource whim not only play significant role in national condor but help in pollution control and maintaining logical balance. These offer a number of direct indirect advantages which have been realised sin time immemorial.

A state forest essay

Essay on the Indian Forest Article shared by Forests of India are ancient in nature and composition, rich in variety and shelter a wide range of fauna, avifauna and insects. India possesses a distinct identity, not only because of its geography, history and culture but also because of great diversity of its natural ecosystems.

The panorama of Indian forests ranges from evergreen tropical rain forests in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Western Ghats, and north-eastern states, to dry alpine scrub high in the Himalaya to north.

Between two extremes, the country has semi-evergreen rain forests, deciduous monsoon forests, thorn forests, subtropical pine forests in lower montane zone and temperate montane forests Lai, As per the latest state of forests report of the Forest Survey of India, actual forest cover of India is This resource has to meet the demand of a population of million people and A state forest essay million cattle.

In Mumbai BombayGibson tried to introduce rules prohibiting shifting cultivation and plantation of teak forests. Forest reserves were established to secure material for imperial needs.

Essay on Forests: Importance, Major Products and Its Conservation

Scientific forest management systems were employed to regenerate and harvest forest to make it sustainable. Between andafforestation was carried out on a large scale in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. In early s, people began showing interest in conservation of wild life. Main areas of tropical forest are found in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Western Ghats, which fringe the Arabian Sea coastline of peninsular India, and greater Assam region in north-east.

Small remnants of rain forest are found in Orissa state. Semi-evergreen rain forest is more extensive than evergreen formation, partly because evergreen forests tend to degrade to semi-evergreen with human interference. There are substantial differences in both flora and fauna between three major rain forest regions IUCN, ; Rodgers and Panwar, Western Ghats Monsoon forests occur both on western coastal margins of ghats and on eastern side where there is less rainfall.

These forests contain several tree species of great commercial significance e. In rain forests, there is an enormous number of tree species.

At least, 60 percent of trees of upper canopy are species which individually contribute not more than one percent of total number. Clumps of bamboo occur along streams or in poorly drained hollows throughout evergreen and semi-evergreen forests of south-west India, probably in areas once cleared for shifting agriculture.

Tropical vegetation of north-east India which includes the states of Assam. Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya as well as plain regions of Arunachal Pradesh typically occurs at elevations up to m.

It embraces evergreen and semi-evergreen rain forests, moist deciduous monsoon forests, riparian forests, swamps and grasslands. Evergreen rain forests are found in Assam Valley, foothills of eastern Himalayas and lower parts of Naga Hills, Meghalaya, Mizoram, and Manipur where rain fall exceeds mm per annum.

Short essay on the Importance of Forests

In Assam Valley, giant Dipterocarpus macrocarpus and Shorea assamica occur singly, occasionally attaining a girth of up to 7 m and a height of up to 50 m.

Monsoon forests are mainly moist sal, Shorea robusta forests, which occur widely in this region IUCN, The Andamans and Nicobar islands have tropical evergreen rain forests and tropical semi-evergreen rainforests as well as tropical monsoon moist monsoon forests IUCN, Dominant species is Dipterocarpus grandiflorus in hilly areas, while Dipterocarpus kerrii is dominant on some islands in southern parts of archipelago.

Monsoon forests of Andamans are dominated by Pterocarpus dalbergioides and Terminalia spp. Tropical forests classifications for greater India Champion and present-day India Champion and Seth, recognize 16 major forest types which are subdivided into minor types.

Semi-evergreen rain forest is extensive than evergreen formation, due to degradation of evergreen forests to semi-evergreen with human interference.What is a state essay forest; October 29, Leave a comment What is a state essay forest By.

Essays ielts vocabulary environment pdf sample essay writing topics reflections. Term paper reading comprehension digital vs essay in english online love 6 grade essay example booklets. An essay about london others sat perfect essay criteria. BEECH FOREST ECOSYSTEMS INTRODUCTION This essay will look at beech forest ecosystems, describing the main characteristics, along with pre-human and current distribution of beech forests.

Vegetation structure and native fauna associated with the ecosystem will be . Now the government tries to save the forest land and reserve forest in the country.

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But the destruction of forests continues. Though, millions of new trees are planted every year in . Short essay on the Importance of Forests Auction of forests for commercial use fetches annual income to state exchequer.

5. Export of forest products earns valuable foreign exchange to the country. 6.

Grazing of cattle in the forests helps in dairy farming and cattle rising. Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters. Essay Importance of Symbols in “the Thing in the Forest” Doder 11/1/11 Importance of Symbols in “The Thing in the Forest” In many fairytales, we are given characters who set out on an adventure to better themselves whether they know that they are on one or not.

A state forest essay

Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Forest Ecosystem" Forest Ecosystem The topic for this article is about forest ecology. Within our planet, many different types of ecologies exist, and all in all, it balances the state of the whole planet.

Short essay on the Importance of Forests