An evaluation of the ku klux klan

Overview[ edit ] Theories of deindividuation propose that it is a psychological state of decreased self-evaluation and decreased evaluation apprehension causing antinormative and disinhibited behavior. There still exists some variation as to understanding the role of deindividuation in producing anti-normative behaviors, as well as understanding how contextual cues affect the rules of the deindividuation construct. Deindividuation is losing the sense of self in a group. Major theoretical approaches and history[ edit ] In contemporary social psychologydeindividuation refers to a diminishing of one's sense of individuality that occurs with behavior disjointed from personal or social standards of conduct.

An evaluation of the ku klux klan

Updated Nov 5, at 6: Some alleged members have already deactivated their Facebooks. However, Anonymous has already admitted that the data on the list is fallible and they are working to make it as accurate in the allegations as they can.

We removed several names from our list for further investigation.

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However, according to Anonymous, this list was not created by the organization. In a statement to The Guardian, Anonymous wrote: We did not release this list that circulated social media [November 1] and we do not vouch for the content of any work we did not complete ourselves.

The above list is verified to be by Anonymous. Read their full press release below: The Ku Klux Klan has approximately active cells, operating in 41 states, with membership concentrated in both the South and the Midwest.

The KKK is not what it once was but it does continue to survive in various locations throughout the United States. At its peak, membership was in the millions. Now, membership is likely less than 5, It is very important to understand — the KKK does not have a central unified leadership.

An evaluation of the ku klux klan

Instead, they are split off into local cells or groups. These groups generally oppose interracial relationships, homosexuality and illegal immigration and historically express this ideology through acts of terror. We want to remind you: This operation is not about the ideas of members of the Ku Klux Klan.

This is about the behaviors of members of KKK splinter cells that bear the hallmarks of terrorism. We defend free thought and free speech.

We need to make room for important, blunt, honest, public, productive conversation. Violent bigotry IS a problem in the United States. This is not a colorblind society.

It deeply divided on racial lines. We hope Operation KKK will, in part, spark a bit of constructive dialogue about race, racism, racial terror and freedom of expression, across group lines. Public discourse about these topics can be honest, messy, snarky, offensive, humbling, infuriating, productive, and serious all at once.

The reality is that racism usually does NOT wear a hood but it does permeate our culture on every level. Part of the reason we have taken the hoods off of these individuals is not because of their identities, but because of what their hoods symbolize to us in our broader society.

In media, the Ku Klux Klan is an easy target to pick on. In terms of the KKK, journalists usually print what they want with very little consequence because sensational stories like this generate impressive ad revenue just like with the bogus OpKKK leak.

We feel it is important to provide accurate information about our observations during this operation. We learned, that aside from our striking differences in overall ideology and behavior, we have found that many members of Ku Klux Klan groups actually have a few important similarities to us.Talk:Ku Klux Klan/Archive 7 Jump to navigation Jump to search.

This is an Ku Klux Klan is the name of a number of past and present fraternal organizations in the United States that have advocated white supremacy and anti-Semitism; and in the past century, anti-Catholicism, and nativism.

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Jun 20,  · While the F.B.I.'s campaign against antiwar ''subversives'' was largely ineffective, a considerably less ardent campaign against the Ku Klux Klan and its allies proved devastating. War The Atomic Bomb Called Little Boy. When you think of the words "Little Boy" you think of innocence and incorruptibility, but the atomic bomb targeted for Hiroshima carrying the code name "Little Boy" was anything but, and was one of the last straws for Japan is World War II.

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The oral history collection inventory is in order by call number and provides name of interviewee and interviewer, biographical information, date of inteview, project (if applicable), restrictions, and materials available for each interview (i.e.

transcript, time index, newspaper clippings, etc). From U.S. News March 14, Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon Will Quigg Endorses Hillary Clinton For President Hillary Clinton can add a new name to her list of endorsements – a prominent Ku Klux Klan member who says he likes her because of her “hidden agenda.”.

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