Apple clobbers samsung

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The technology is expected to drive the next big wave of spending for global wireless carriers, who are looking to mitigate the effects of a saturating wireless market by getting customers to spend more on their wireless data services.

Below, we take a look at what the company is doing to drive growth in this market. By developing and deploying equipment and underlying 5G technologies, Samsung could drive other business including its smartphone and Internet of Things operations.

While Samsung indicated that it wants to become one of the top three global network equipment vendors by driven by its 5G business, it still has a long way to go.

Apple clobbers samsung

Samsung has been unveiling some solutions including its 3. The company is also developing 2. Samsung Seeing Progress In U. Market Scoring early wins in the 5G space will be crucial for equipment providers, as the technology is expected to have a relatively long life cycle, and Samsung appears to be faring reasonably well.

Verizon selected Samsung for its first commercial 5G launch in Sacramento, California. Trefis Like our charts? Explore example interactive dashboards and create your own.Last year, Samsung’s smartphones offered significantly faster cellular-data speeds than Apple’s, but a new study shows that the iPhone XS LTE performance almost catches up with its rivals’.

You see a MAJOR difference in off-screen vs on-screen performance, and why "off-screen" the S9 beats the iPhone X, but the "on-screen" test the iPhone X clobbers the S9.

The S9 has to push significantly more pixels than the iPhone X. Zen's initial availability is slated for late this year, with lager-scale roll-out planned for early Apple and iPhone dominate Samsung in Japan.

Apple and Samsung are neck and neck when it comes to U.S. smartphone market.

Apple clobbers samsung

In Japan, which represents roughly 5% of the global smartphone market, however, the iPhone is significantly beating Samsung’s range of Android handsets.

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