Business plan vorlage gastronomie francaise

I'd be enjoy to welcome you will discover a quiet and nice place! Barbecue, outdoor games Very quiet place with extremly beautifull view on the mountains and green ills. The house was even prettier than the pictures, very clean, and had everything we needed for cooking, washing, etc.! Bertrand was there to greet us, gave us helpful information and was very nice.

Business plan vorlage gastronomie francaise

business plan vorlage gastronomie francaise

Von Deutschland nach Asien: New York, Washington, Chicago Mein Vaterland und meine Muttersprache Von der Vertiefung der geistigen Wurzeln A Brief biographic Narrative in English It has been a long cherished desire of mine to acquire international professional competence and to make to a contribution to regional and global integration of the world, a unification which is based on human integrity, the integrity of the individual, cultures and human kind as whole.

For this purpose I left Berlin and moved to Paris at the age of nineteen. Although I had already been cautiously sensitized to other continent since my early adolescence, this was the moment, when I concretely became active across cultures intellectually and physically. Most people work on some sort of division of people and the world.

They compete ruthlessly with their fellow men individually, organizationally and nationally, racially, ethnically, linguistically, culturally. I am not free of this competitive characteristic myself, but I also think in terms of unification and integration. Indeed to become a good unifier one has to be a good competitor.

This has been my credo. Therefore I tried to undertake studies at the world's leading universities in fields that have a bearing on the transformation of the global landscape.

Today, the need to also integrate this pole as a corrective to the competitive pole has become evident business plan vorlage gastronomie francaise the most remote person on earth, because in the globally interconnected world everybody is aware of the challenges to mankind's survival.

The reconciliation of individual and collective interests that of individuals, organisations and nations with the welfare of the human race on the planet as a whole is and will continue to be ever more pivotal. In order to come closer to this integrative ideal, I first decided to become a professional linguist, because human communication, in particular communication across cultures is fundamental on the road to such a lofty destination.

Obviously at first a sense of curiosity, and xenophilia, a thirst for knowledge and professional self-realisation also played a non-negligible role. First, I earned a translator's diploma in Paris and did what was necessary to have a supreme command of the French language, which has been the traditional language of international relations and diplomacy.

From there I moved to Madrid to also acquire an in-depth understanding of the Hispanic world by studying Spanish culture and literature at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. From the Iberian Peninsula - a crossroads between oceans and continents - I intended to conquer the New World.

Yet the German consular services in Madrid were not inclined to update my personal documents, which would enable me to prepare my transfer to the United States, although I had prepared this step by making the necessary contacts in America.

I had to return to Berlin. I adjusted my plan and decided to move to London in order to replicate what I had done in Paris and Madrid that is to become a master of that language and culture. For this purpose I under took relevant studies at several London academic institutions.

Paris kept polarizing me. I once again moved to Paris in order to integrate my quatricultural academic experience at the Sorbonne, where I earned a degree in Applied Foreign Languages and Business Studies. By now I had a good knowledge of and understanding of the French, German, Spanish and German cultures and civilizations; I had special European expertise and last but not least I had acquired geopolitical research practice.

The work on international and supranational issues was paralleled by my extracurricular research of anthropological nature, which together formed the basis for the transcultural approach introduced as a further development of the intercultural approach.

After a decade of international experience I returned to my Southern German roots to work as a language and business teacher and in the major global corporation of the region. While I worked as a translator, interpreter and proofreader I also translated a monumental opus on consciousness research: Madrisa Samuel in Paris gave me her dedicated personal copy from the author, her friend Dr.

Many years later I decided to translate this monumental work of a lifetime of research across the world into German. The key concept of noetic intelligence as a further development of cultural intelligence is, as far as the noetic concept is concerned, inspired by Dr.

The former derived unity epistemologically, the latter mystically; and I. Tsuda achieved it physiologically. Tsuda along with T. Dshimaru-Roshi and Mishio Kushi formed a triad of the greatest experts of Asian cultures present in Paris.

Krishnamurti, another intellectual giant, I first met in England, achieved that certain quid through his enlightened intellect. The unity of man and that of mankind seemed to form a continuum and the key to the management of this continuum lies in the individual, rather than in the political, judicial, economic, technological, ideological or military domains, which my regular university studies highlighted.

The interconnected continuum of the inner and outer man grew ever more evident. My diverse inquiries in the political, economic, epistemological, philosophical, and physiologic domains across time and space needed to merge in that whole from which they emerged, which solved the dialectics of diversity one faces in one's transdisciplinary and transcultural activities.

When I returned to teach in the academic sector, I introduced intercultural studies in a degree course in Business Studies. I had acquired intercultural skills internationally and autodidactically.

It provided me with a stronger intercultural management basis, allowing me to build my transcultural concept on, which is more a management of culture as such, derived from a holistic study of man, rather than the management of cultures. Presently I am teaching intercultural and transcultural communication and management at universities and in the corporate world.monthly germanwide distributed newspaper for the LGBT-Community.

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Business plan Vorlage Fr.

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