Dissertation on mcdonalds

Both the case studied organizations are leading fast-food businesses in the UK and other international countries. From several sources of information depicts that both business has been providing quality products and services to satisfy their customers.

Dissertation on mcdonalds

This global restaurant today operates and franchises in around countries of the world. Around 4 million employees work for the company in its different restaurants and serve 70 million customers per day Jhaveri, But as the company is into international business, the menu also includes locally relevant food stuff like the black and white burger in China, gazpacho in Spain, and the Veg Pizza McPuff in India Jhaveri, The franchises are bounded by conventional franchise agreements and foreign affiliated markets under license agreements.

In addition, it presents Other Countries and Corporate, which includes operations in Canada and Latin America, as well as corporate activities. The multifaceted global environment does not complete without competitors.

All these competitors possess a long business history, remarkable market share, and a good brand image. In case of global business, the analysis is usually done for the global business environment.

There are several diversified tools and methods to analyze the business environment, but in case of global business the most appropriate tool is PESTLE analysis Bruce, Political The rules and regulations of the government and the policies of the state always affect the business operations of the organization.

Economic One of the vital issues of majority of business organizations is the economic factor. Primarily, most of the organizations try their level best not to get affected by the ongoing global fiscal crisis. Owing to the fluctuations in the international currency, the company has to face tough times dealing with economic balance.

Customers ask for highest quality service with all the modern facilities. Furthermore, transformations in the demands of the customers vary from nation to nation and from religion to religion. Technological To meet the expectations of the customers, the impact of technological advancements is also considered these days.

Also, to sustain successfully in the competitive market, the company always ensured that adequate and influential technological access must be there to attract more number of customers as compared to its competitors.

Legal To run smoothly every business operation, following legal rules and regulations is a kind of mandatory task for the company. The company also food authorization rules in some Muslim countries and care about the perceptions and religious beliefs of the customers.

As a giant fast food chain, the company believes that abiding legal laws will intensify their public image. Also, some environment activists have targeted the company for using Styrofoam containers for meals and packaging items based on polystyrene. It is seriously discouraged for the greater interest of environment issue.

The company has responded very well to the transforming the global business environment and turned out to be a dominating market leader and a pioneer of the Quick Service Restaurant. The company has always given priority to its customer service quality and listened to the choices and preferences of the customers.

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Dissertation on mcdonalds

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Contents The research problem of this dissertation is to compare and contrast the marketing strategies followed by McDonalds in India and UK. For. Global Business Environment Case Study McDonald’s. The Global Business Environment – McDonald’s Corporation is a fast-food international chain restaurant which incorporated on December 21, (McDonald’s, ).

This global restaurant today operates and franchises in . McDonalds company Essay Dissertation Help. Get Started! Corporate Network Management Essay Dissertation Help “Gallipoli: History and National Imagination” Essay Dissertation Help.

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Lisez ce Divers Dissertation et plus de autres dissertation. Mc Donald Thème Anglais. At first in , the brother Richard and Maurice McDonald opened a stand of .

Thesis on McDonalds