Life insurance distribution channels research papers

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Life insurance distribution channels research papers

The beginning of the curve marks the introduction stage; the slope indicates growth stage; top of the curve signifies maturity; and the graph ends in the decline stage.

For instance, when a seed is planted introduction ; it begins to pullulate growth ; it shoot out flowers and leaves maturity ; and after a defined period of time, it starts to shrink and eventually die out decline.

Human beings also pass through the same phases of introduction, growth, maturity and decline in their lives. The same theory applies to a product.

When a new product is launched in the market, it starts gaining customers; then it stabilizes and becomes mature; then after some time, it is taken over by the introduction of better and superior competitors therefore, it is withdrawn or harvested from the market.

Benefits of Using a Product Life Cycle for Revenue Marketing managers consider product life cycle as an important measure of sales revenues.

As you can see from the figure, the slope of the curve denotes the sales of a particular product.

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The more the slope, the more the sales. When a product is introduced in the market, the sales are negligible. Due to marketing and promotion efforts, the demand of product starts to increase and as a result some revenue is generated.

When more and more customers begin to buy the product, the revenues of the product reaches to maximum; this stage is called maturity.

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A product can stay in maturity for several weeks, months or years depending on the external and internal market conditions and resources. Finally, when a product better in features and functions is launched by a competitor into the market, the sales starts to decline; in some cases, companies have to disengage their products or services.

The conditions involving the promotion and sales of a product, involving advertising and market saturation vary over time and must be managed as it moves through the different stages of succession. What is Marketing Mix? Brand Building For the product life cycle to begin, the product must be launched in the market.

This is done after target market is identified and ensured that the need for your product or service exists. At this stage, sales will be very low because customers are not really aware of the product and its benefits. Promotion, Advertising, Marketing The cost of advertising and initial distribution is extremely high as companies intend to create awareness of the product and target early adopters.

The goal is to build market and generate demand. Stage 1 Marketing Mix Implications You need to have a fair idea of marketing mix implications for each stage. Product Products are less in number Price Some companies keep the price high so as to cover their costs whereas others tend to keep it low so as to attract more early adopters.

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Distribution Initially, the distribution is done selectively Promotion Creation of awareness is the only goal of promotion Growth Look how the product is establishing market and making profit in comparison to the insurance life cycle.

distribution channels. The scope of the with draft texts and consultation papers. Distribution channels 31 the European insurance industry is the largest in the Life insurance policies can take the form of individual or group.

Life insurance distribution channels research papers

Life Insurance; Financial Planning; About Us. Our Story The Team blog and social media channels offer a wealth of research, white papers. Sweden is officially known as the Kingdom of Sweden and is a constitutional monarchy. Located in northern Europe on the Scandinavian Peninsula between Finland and Norway, Sweden is , square kilometers, about double the size of the United Kingdom.

Analysis and Valuation of Insurance Companies. CE summarizes relevant insights from academic research, distribution channels, competition.

A powerful insurance distribution management platform that enables the creation and execution of innovative distribution strategies to optimize existing insurance distribution channels and expand.

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