Political party preference

Can I vote without registering with a party?

Political party preference

Orcs prefer Fascism for its aggressive ability to pursue war and domination both in and outside of one's country. Whatever candidate seems most fascist gets our vote!

Some people do choose to vote for some very sad reasons. My grandmother, for example, claims that she votes the way she does because that's the way her mother and her mother's mother voted. Beyond that, she apparently arranges her life to follow the party line rather than the other way around That, of course, doesn't work too well for me on account of the two sides of my family voting very differently from one another and even within my mother's and my father's sides.

Debate is more the norm than goose-step party agreement, so what would be my excuse to follow my grandmother's example for choice rather than a decision?

Interviewing many people myself during the last election, many voted on a single issue.

Political party preference

This was, as it turned out for many of them, a foolish gamble and those that claimed this reasoning last election are now expressing regrets. I vote on a complicated set of criteria since my own positions do not match any one political party and I would prefer not to compromise any of my principles.

I have, in turn, been accused of being a conservative, a fascist, a flaming left wing liberal, a libertarian, and "most likely to vote for a third party. In many ways, pissing such prejudicial people off is one of many rewarding reasons why I am independent not to be confused with the Independent or the Independence parties.

My real positions are sophisticated and, as far as I can tell, not met by anyone. If you really want to know my positions, feel free to ask.


For now, I'll just say that my own positions are not even diametrically opposed to my own Uruk Orcs schtick. The Orcs just prefer to support certain positions for the worst possible reasonsApr 17,  · Six political parties are listed in alphabetical order on California’s voter registration card, and choosing a party preference comes near the end.

The American Independent Party is at the top. The forms ask if the voter wants to “disclose” a political party preference and register with one of the six parties, and only those who check “No” are considered independent of all parties.

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The NAACP board this week extended the contract of President Kweisi Mfume. Well, at least the organization did one thing regardbouddhiste.com venerable but fast-sinking-in-esteem civil rights organization held. Nov 04,  · Active-duty service members are increasingly disinclined to identify with any specific political party or political view, according to results of the annual Military Times Poll since A person’s loyalty to or preference for one political party is called party regardbouddhiste.com people identify with a party, they usually agree with the party’s stance on a few major issues and give little weight to its stance on issues they consider minor or secondary.

Voters who registered to vote without stating a political party preference are known as No Party Preference (NPP) voters. NPP voters were formerly known as "decline-to-state" or “DTS” voters. For presidential primary elections: NPP voters will receive a “non-partisan” ballot that does not include presidential candidates.

political party preference of men and women. Through data collected by American National Election Studies (ANES) from , an analysis was done to examine the existence of gender gaps and the.

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