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Pretty how town

Recent radiocarbon dating has found it to date from about BC. Legend has it that the Mound is the burial site of Merlin [5] and that the name of the town comes from Merlin's Barrow. More plausibly, the town's name possibly derives from the medieval term for chalky ground "marl"—thus, "town on chalk".

The town's motto is Ubi nunc sapientis ossa Merlini "Where now are the bones of wise Merlin".

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Further evidence of human occupation comes from the discovery in St Margaret's Mead of the Marlborough Bucket, an Iron Age burial bucket made of fir wood with three iron hoops, a top bar and two handles; it also sports bronze bands decorated with human heads and mythical animals, and is now on display at the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes.

In William the Conqueror assumed control of the Marlborough area and set about building a wooden motte-and-bailey castlesited on the prehistoric mound. This was completed in around Stone was used to strengthen the castle in around The first written record of Marlborough dates from the Domesday Book in The coins display the name of the town as Maerlebi or Maerleber.

He also established the neighbouring Savernake Forest as a favourite royal hunting ground [9] and Marlborough castle became a Royal residence. Henry I observed Easter here in King John was married here and spent time in Marlborough, where he established a Treasury.

Marlborough Market In King John granted Charter to the Borough which permitted an annual eight-day fair, commencing on 14 August, the vigil of the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady 15 Augustin which "all might enjoy the liberties and quittances customary in the fair at Winchester ".

Pretty how town

He also established that weekly markets may be held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. These continue to this day. This seven-hundred-year-old law states that no-one shall seize his neighbour's goods for alleged wrong without permission of the Court.

Apart from Charters, it is the oldest statute in English law which has not yet been repealed. St Mary's parish church The castle fell into disrepair by the end of the 14th century but remained Crown property.

Edward VI then passed it to the Seymour familyhis mother's relatives. In Thomas Wolsey was ordained priest in the now redundant St Peter's church. He later rose to become a cardinal and Lord Chancellor. In Marlborough's peace was shattered by the English Civil War.

The Seymours held the Castle for the King but the town was for Parliament. With his headquarters in nearby OxfordKing Charles had to deal with Marlborough. When he arrived, he chose to parley first, thus giving the inhabitants a chance to prepare defences and to recruit troops.

They mustered about seven hundred poorly armed men. At this point, the town issued a reply to Digby: After some early skirmishes, Royalist troops infiltrated the town down its small alleyways.

The town was captured and looted and many buildings were set ablaze. One hundred and twenty prisoners were marched in chains to Oxford.

The town was later abandoned by the King and took no further part in the war. This wide street allows ample space for the local market. Fire swept through the Town again in and again in This time, an Act of Parliament was passed "to prohibit the covering of houses and other buildings with thatch in the Town of Marlborough".

Climate[ edit ] Marlborough has an oceanic climate somewhat influenced by its inland position and at metres' elevation is more prone to frost than southern coastal areas. Climate data for Marlborough, elevation m, — Month.This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License.

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Punishment can include fines of up to $, and 10 Years imprisonment. The steps of City Hall light up with holiday cheer and entertainment as Mr. and Mrs. Claus bring their holiday magic to Sugar Land Town Square. B2B Pretty PRC in Town Cheras Perdana Master: Alex I have been travelling outstation for the past two weeks, including Sabah, Penang and Johor, couldn’t find my type of preference all the while, so I was solely vegetarian there.

How Mountain Biking Is Saving Small-Town, USA From Nevada to Minnesota, hollowed-out mining towns are seeing economic revitalization on trails and tracks that . A pretty town Those cool evening breezes remind us that autumn is just around the corner and soon summertime will be just a memory.

I suppose it’s called “life.”.

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