Stock car racing rules for safety

However, in NASCAR, teams of inspectors scour every inch of a winning car in open inspections after a race to make sure any adjustments made to that car are legal.

Stock car racing rules for safety

The rules of stock car racing can be difficult to grasp, especially for someone starting out, and without at least some prior knowledge, it might seem a little intimidating just to dip your toes into oval racing.

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To fully experience stock car racing, you need to do more than just try to take a fast line on track. Also, before we get started, there are two very important classifications to understand during a full-course caution: Phase 1 — Yellow flag: Pit lane is closed A yellow flag is called following an incident somewhere on track, for example after someone has spun their car.

Immediately after yellow is called, the pit lane will be closed to all cars on track. Phase 3 — Safety car joins the field The safety car will start to slowly make its way out onto the track and attempt to collect the leader behind it.

Phase 4 — First lap of caution behind the safety car: Pits will open shortly During most of the first lap behind the safety car pits are still closed, and no cars are allowed to pit without receiving a penalty.

Phase 5 — Lucky Dog: All you need to do is pull to the left, pass the entire field of cars, pass the safety car, and rejoin the field at the back of the line — and you regain one lap in the standings.

Phase 6 — Second lap of caution: Pits are open to lead lap cars Depending on the track, shortly before the second lap of caution starts pits will open to all lead lap cars. What does this mean exactly? Phase 7 — Third lap of caution: Pits open to everyone If you are a lap down car, then you will now be able to pit normally without receiving a penalty.

Lead lap cars may also pit. Although the number of caution laps may vary 4 laps minimumafter lap 2 of caution pits are always open to everyone.

Phase 8 — One lap to go: You might have to get behind a car you were not behind before. Phase 9 — Sorting the field just before restart: Three things happen in this very crucial last lap of the caution: Lead Lap cars that pit in lap two move forward, lap down cars move back.

You go to the back. Phase 10 — Restart Once everything is sorted, and everyone is in double file, the next time around will be restart. The restart happens as follows: Additional notes on Full-Course Cautions you may find useful: Make sure that driver labels name tags are always showing during a full-course caution.

The default key to show driver labels is TAB. However, once the race goes green, you must promptly serve any pending penalties. Always follow the driver the LSI screen instructs you to follow, even if you think it is not ordering you properly.

The field may still be re-sorting.

Stock car racing rules for safety

During caution periods stay in 3rd or 4th gear to avoid overheating your engine.8th Annual Street Stock National Event Rules For The NEW YEARS SAT BASH Jan th. Saturday March 24 Will Be Race Day With Gates Opening At 9am And Racing At 3pm. The Race Will Be 50 Laps And Will Be Run On Hoosier p25 Scuff Tires That Will Be Evenly Graded.

diameter (max 3 1/2” diameters) that may exit from underneath the car. Rules. Welcome to the IHRA Rules page.

Stock car racing rules for safety

Here you can view the IHRA Rulebook, order a physical copy and check out all of the latest competition updates and revisions. PRO STOCK RULES: Pro Stock Rules & Specifications The rules are subject to change in the better interest of racing or safety.

Rear quarter panels must have radius corners. No squared off, or 90 degree bends on rear quarter panels. Backs must be closed in. The drag racing world lost a master entertainer and jet-car legend a few weeks ago when Doug Rose, whose Green Mamba jet had entertained fans for more than 50 years, passed away.

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