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Swot of gth

Existin Swot of gth busines s modelExternal Analysis: Opportunitie s and ThreatsInternal Swot of gth Strengths and WeaknessesStrategi c Position: Generic StrategiesWe have learnt last week that according to Porterthere are only a few strategic choices available to the firm- Differentiation and Cost Leadership with Broad or Narrow focus Question: How to reconcile these static choices with the dynamic nature of competition and the external environment?

How can a firm maintain a particular strategic choice cost leadership or differentiation over a long period of time?

Swot of gth

Activity System as the source of competitive advantage Porter argues that the strategic choices of costleadership, differentiation and scope should be further decomposed into activities To understand how firms achieve their strategic position, we have to investigate their activity system A firm can be viewed as a collection of discrete, but interrelated economic activities such as products being assembled, salespeople making sales visits and orders being processed A firms strategy define its configuration of activities and how they interrelate.

Competitive advantage results from a firms ability to perform the required activities at a collectively lower cost than its rivals or perform some activities in unique ways that create buyer value and thus command a premium priceActivity as a source of profits is not a new idea- it dates back to Adam Smith!

Porter To take an example. One man draws out the wire, another straights it, a third cuts it, a fourth points it, a fifth grinds it at the top for receiving, the head.

Where is value added? Facilitates detailed scrutiny of activities to ensure they are as consistent as possible with the organisations strategic intent. Facilitates scrutiny to maximise consistency between different elements of the chain.

An analysis of the organisation, the market s it operates within, and the external environment into practical proposals for the futureWhy do an external analysis? Understanding the key resources that shape our business Understanding how these key resources are co-ordinated and combined to form strategic capabilities Identifying the strategic capabilities that differentiate the firm from its competitors and deliver economic advantage CoreCompetencesIdentifying how the core competences link to the key drivers for change and the critical success factors identified from the external analysis Identifying strengths that will enable the firm to take advantage of environmental changes Identify weaknesses that need to be resolvedInternal Analysis: Opportunities features in the environment that favour us if we can take advantage of them Threats features in the environment that will cause us to miss our goals if we cannot resist or avoid themWhat SWOT is used for 1 SWOT brings together all the key findings from the environmental and organisational analyses SWOT analysis can be used to: Synthesise strategic review findings Diagnose key issues SWOT brings together all the key findings from the analysis.

Aim is to understand the implications of the analysis for future strategy The key issues is whether and how we can take advantage of the opportunities and offset the threats using our strengths and in the light of our weaknessesSWOT AnalysisStrengths: A direct source of strategic ideas by considering e.

Threats listed hereBad situation if survival at stake react proactively to fix weakness else maybe divest to focus elsewhereLimitations of SWOTCan tend become the end in itself but it does not show how to achieve a competitive advantage Apparent strengths may not lead to an advantage e.

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SWOT - overviewSWOT analysis has much to offer but is just a starting point Crucially it must be kept up to date requiring that we undertake environmental scanning This is a continuous process of conducting audits of both our resources and our micro and macro environments keeping our eyes open, not resting on our laurels!

A Critical Perspective on StrategyThe charge of hyper rationality Mintzbergs critique of Strategic PositioningThe Ultimatum Game- A counterpoint to the assumption Two players bargain anonymously to divide of rationality a fixed amount between them.

P1 proposer offers a division of the pie P2 responder decides whether to accept it If accepted both player gets their agreed upon shares If rejected players receive nothing. Ultimatum Game 2 The rational strategy is that proposer should offer the smallest possible share and responder would accept it.

Reality does not agree Gth, Schmittberger, Schwarze They did the first experimental study on this game.PDF Strength Of Material by S S Rattan Engineering Ebookz November 11th, - Strength Of Material The strength of materials also called mechanics of materials is a subject which deals with the behavior.

The Ideal Workhorse The highly maneuverable Genie® GTH™ telehandler – often the first machine to arrive at a new jobsite and the last to leave. Access All Areas. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Vessel Traffic Services (TRNC-VTS) Serdar Kum 1, Mehmet Emin Debeş 2 1 Maritime Faculty, Istanbul Technical University 2 Maritime Faculty, Kyrenia University.

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The first Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) started in in the Liverpool Port (UK) and it continued in Netherlands in The GTH followed the Public Performance Reporting Guidelines when reporting on its results.

These guidelines provide an accountability framework for the GTH’s business plan and summarize the results achieved. The GTH has been operating since January 1, , and this is the fifth annual report based ona full-year of operation for the GTH. Brennan is a founding partner of the firm Gian-Grasso, Tomczak, & Hufe, P.C..

He is a member in good standing of the Pennsylvania Bar. Brennan focuses his practice exclusively on immigration law with special competence in the immigration consequences of criminal convictions.

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