The man of the crowd

It translates to This great misfortune, of not being able to be alone.

The man of the crowd

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It translates to This great misfortune, of not being able to be alone. Fascinated by the crowd outside the window, he considers how isolated people think they are, despite "the very denseness of the company around".

The man of the crowd

He takes time to categorize the different types of people he sees. As evening falls, the narrator focuses on "a decrepit old mansome sixty-five or seventy years of age", whose face has a peculiar idiosyncrasyand whose body "was short in stature, very thin, and apparently very feeble" wearing filthy, ragged clothes of a "beautiful texture".

The narrator dashes out of the coffee shop to follow the man from afar.

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The man leads the narrator through bazaars and shops, buying nothing, and into a poorer part of the city, then back into "the heart of the mighty London". This chase lasts through the evening and into the next day.

Finally, exhausted, the narrator stands in front of the man, who still does not notice him.

The man of the crowd

The narrator concludes the man is "the type and genius of deep crime" due to his inscrutability and inability to leave the crowds of London. Poe would later incorporate this ability to observe small details in his character C. It does away with all the drapery that a crime represents.

Only the armature remains: In the nightmare Poe dreams for us, the ordinary person, the man in the street is at heart a criminal". ByLondon was the largest city in the world with a population ofThe latter was the final issue of that periodical.

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Howard Eiland and Michael W. Harvard University Press, His Life and Legacy. Cooper Square Press, Translated by Jonathan Mayne. Harvard University Press, Police have charged a man who drove through a protest for the killing of unarmed black teen Antwon Rose.

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