The troubled life of kurt cobain that led to his suicide

His parents, Wendy and Donald Cobain, were a waitress and automotive mechanic respectively. When Kurt was nine years old, his parents and the event had a profound effect on his personality. After that, young Kurt became withdrawn and defiant. But he would find one saving grace to lift him out of his malaise, and that was music.

The troubled life of kurt cobain that led to his suicide

Pinterest The cover of the Guardian's Weekend magazine on 23 April The Guardian Listening to tonight's line-up at the Crocodile Cafe, grunge's equivalent of the Liverpool Cavern, you realise that Kurt Cobain got lucky. Nirvana once performed at the Crocodile to an audience of six, and they could easily still be here.

They did not invent the sound called grunge, but they got the breaks: Seattle acknowledges that Britain was first to shift the city from the furthest northwestern tip of the US to the centre of the rock universe. The punters at the Crocodile, in their punk-hippie hybrid garb of goatees, dungarees, and clothes from Value Village this area's Oxfam all say grunge died long before Kurt Cobain.

It died when it became big, when the fashion industry got hold of it. Now, they say, they dress the way they do because "we're poor and it rains a lot", and if they occasionally still tie a flannel shirt around their waist, well, that's because it gets cold.

The troubled life of kurt cobain that led to his suicide

They give equally short shrift to the notion that Cobain was any kind of spokesman for Generation X, or that any such thing exists. Next to her is Gary Paul, 28, who, despite a college degree is working as a postman - a textbook case of the X syndrome which has overeducated kids working in low-status, low-paid jobs, from office temps to despatch riders.

All around him are people in the same position, but he is adamant that there is nothing that unites them. Kurt Cobain would find such talk gratifying.

He was utterly disdainful of his own role as the "voice of a generation".

The troubled life of kurt cobain that led to his suicide

Central to his message was a rejection of what he saw as the crude, commercial motive of labelling an age group. The "Teen Spirit" satirised in Cobain's most famous song is a deodorant aimed at young girls. The fact that Nirvana made millions by appealing to a niche market, partly defined by youth, was an irony not lost on Cobain, who wrote the words and music to all Nirvana's songs, as well as singing and playing the guitar on all of them.

The opening lyric of In Utero, the band's last album, was direct: But one can't fully escape the other. So much of what these kids are about - even if they deny it - was reflected in his short, urgent life. Oh well, whatever, never mind: His dyed red hair nearly covers his eyes, falling behind the lenses of his retro, Buddy Holly glasses.

He's drinking bloody Marys tonight, and paying no attention to Flake, the band strutting furiously on stage. You're at a crossroads, and you don't know what to do," he says. We all feel the monotony, we all feel we cannot control our circumstances. If it's frustration you're after, there's the screaming rage of Cobain's singing, the screech of metallic guitar noise and lyrics like, "Gotta find a way, a better way.

Try "Stay Away", or the verse which explains, "I'm not like them, but I can pretend. After all, punk, with its near-identical message, happened a long time ago.'I thank you,' Kurt Cobain wrote in his suicide note, 'from the pit of my burning, nauseous stomach'.

Photograph: Kevin Mazur/WireImage It smells like nirvana. Up here in Madrona, one of Seattle's.

Troubled Youth

These issues eventually led to his suicide in Even with his life being in the limelight constantly, there are still plenty of things that people don’t know about Kurt Cobain, with new pieces of information coming out every year. The Troubled Life of Kurt Cobain That Led to His Suicide PAGES 3.

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the band nirvana, kurt cobain, life of kurt. A public vigil for Kurt was held on April 10, , at which his widow Courtney Love read sections of his suicide note to the gathered 7,strong crowd. She later gave some of Kurt's clothing to mourners, and attended a second funeral with Kurt's ex .

The doc examines his troubled youth, growing up in the logging town of Aberdeen, Washington, in a way that artfully melds Cobain’s journals, voice recordings and drawings.

So a man that finds out later in his life that Kurt Cobain was his brother you can imagine the anxiety that comes with that. He was always trying to be closer to feeling nothing by being high so with prescription drugs klonopin that was prescribe to him and a high dosage OxyContin it too his life.

Kurt Cobain documentary is the most detailed account yet of Nirvana star’s troubled life