Writing a phone number in a sentence

Please see the April 19,revised version of this article at Writing Dates and Times. The following examples apply when using dates: The meeting is scheduled for June The meeting is scheduled for the 30th of June.

Writing a phone number in a sentence

Have you ever found yourself stuck while writing?

writing a phone number in a sentence

Happens to us all, right? Sometimes all you need is a sentence to get your creative juices flowing again. Here's 99 sentences to get you thinking and get you writing. The summer breeze brushed past my sundress as I walked down the lane. The Professor always made me feel awkward with his crazy inventions, and this time is no different.

Rosaline never knew what hit her. By the time I reached the train station, she was gone. There was a time when my family was extremely happy.

Every morning I walked to the cafe' for my latte' and a glimpse at him. There was a secret meeting tonight and I had to be there. David had asked me to meet him at the corner bakery.

The night sky was full of stars but no moon. Lately, Marlene felt that there was something missing from her life. Jessica and Caitlin had a secret that no person could ever find out.

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The gaming convention was full of people and there was a terroristic threat. Lady Luck was always on my side at the casinos. I had to stay with my aunts for a while because mom had a new suitor.

The lights and sounds of the big city have always excited me. Every time I heard the ice cream truck it reminded me of home. The melody of the music box soothed me. The subway stopped suddenly inside the tunnel. Shopping is what I call my number 1 hobby. The internship was about to start, but I was far from excited.

A hostage situation at a bank was not how I wanted to spend my morning.

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It has been weeks since I received communication from my brother in Iraq. The cemetary was rather quiet on my annual visit. Amy wasn't too adament to go to her uncle's Will reading. Walking down the long corridor John had no clue what his boss could want.

Tara was hesitant to open the hotel room, scared of what she may find.

writing a phone number in a sentence

Every time I pulled, the ropes seemed to get tighter around my wrists. The crash just happened and no one saw it coming. Shadows surrounded Clayton as he walked down the ally behind Alfonzo's Pizzeria. Tyler has been out all night and there was no sign of him arriving anytime soon.

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